Falling Down Beer Co.

Falling Down Beer CoWhat is the Falling Down Beer Company?

Falling Down Beer Company (FDBC) is the newest craft brewery in the state of Michigan. Continuing the tradition of Michigan and Craft brewers before us, we will create unique hand crafted Ales and Lagers, that will challenge expectations and ideas of what great beer really is. With a focus on premium quality, handmade Ales and Lagers, FDBC will present a new unique product to the Detroit area.

Made in Michigan and the U.S.A.

One of the missions of FDBC is to create jobs and spur the economy in Michigan and the U.S. in general. At opening we plan to have 18 positions available with that number doubling year to year. Our long term goal is a bottling factory and additional restaurants that will employee hundreds of local workers.

Keeping with our philosophy of locally sourced goods and services, we will purchase from local companies whenever possible. On the food side this includes local fish markets, meat markets and bakeries; and on the brewery side designing beers that will be made using Michigan grown hops and malt. And it doesn’t stop there! We are actively negotiating and designing the brew house, promotional materials, general construction and website operations with Michigan companies.

Where it is not possible to source a product or service locally or in the State of Michigan, we will be looking first to keep our business in the Mid-West and then United States. We call this an inside-out sourcing philosophy. First source at the city level and slowly work out by county, state, region and country. We feel this benefits everyone in this endeavor where we support the community that is supporting us. A Win-Win for everyone!

It’s All About the Beer!

We are going to be creating quality; handcrafted beers that we believe will be some of the best beer you have ever tried. We are also going to push the envelope and make beers with unique and far-out ingredients that will invite you to be different and maybe live a little on the edge.

Tuesday-Thursday: 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday-Monday: Closed
Happy Hour – 4pm-6pm Tues-Fri – 1/2 OFF PINTS

2270 E. 10 Mile Road, Warren, MI 48091